This is a remanufactured GM type  12 and 4 o'clock stye AD244 style DR44  high amp alternator now with 12 diodes and high amp stator and rotor  - and it requires an EXTERNAL REGULATOR - not included.  It can put out up to 450 amps continuous and puts out 110 amps at idle (650 rpm).  GM never made such a thing - but Penntex industries did for the PX-1000 and 2000 series regulators for heavy duty Truck and Ambulance service.  Theirs had 35 amp diodes and was rated for 200 amps - this unit has 75 amp diodes ALL inside the case so it fits as a stock unit does

Fits Chevrolet, Delco, Isuzu, Delco DR44G and many others

This unit has enough amperage output capacity to run a decent sized Hydrogen Generator and the vehicle easily

Amp pass capacity is the values of half of the Diodes added up which is 75 times 6 is 450 amps.  In all likelihood the alternator would likely overheat under continuous load at that load.  Since an in case regulator would burn up fast - an external heavy duty Ford style set at 14.3 volt set point is included with introductions how to wire it.  Available with two wire or four wire regulators, and the internal regulator can be used by simply plugging in two wires.

If you are looking at this you know why you need it.   Compare to Penntex  Special Order - ships in 10 days.  Stock photo - available in most ALL mounting configurations - 12 and 6, 4 and 8 (shown) and pad mount.  This is a popular alternator also known as the 22,SI and is available in most all the mount configurations thereof by special order.  Will fit where CS144 and 130 style alternators fit. (last pic style)