CS-144 12 Diode 250 amp alternator








This is a remanufactured GM CS-144 style high amp alternator now with 12 diodes and high amp stator and rotor  - and it requires an EXTERNAL REGULATOR - not included.  It can put out 250 amps continuous and puts out 110 amps at idle (650 rpm).  GM never made such a thing - but Penntex industries did for the PX-1000 and 2000 series regulators for heavy duty Truck and Ambulance service

If you are looking at this you know why you need it.   Compare to Penntex  Special Order - ships in 10 days.  Stock photo - available in most ALL mounting configurations - 12 and 6, 4 and 8 (shown) and pad mount.  This is a popular alternator also known as the 22,SI and is available in most all the mount confirgurations thereof

Weight: 10 lb
Price: $899.00
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