Engine parts and items

SKU Title Price
CB_1358P_020-6_Clemex CB 1358P_020-6 Clemex Rod Bearings - set of six $12.00
Clevite_77_MS_1454P-30 MS 1454P-30 Clevite 77 Main Bearings - set for SBC V-6 $12.00
DR151B_Niehoff DR151B Niehoff Voltage Regulator PT817 $2.00
ACDELCO_17113573_6 ACDELCO 17113573 Fuel Injector - set of six $12.00
cetane_booster Cetane, BTU and Lubricity Enhancer for poor Diesel Fuel $9.99
Oxark_30 Ozark Trail 30 oz tumbler - Black $7.99
catch_can GM 6.5 Diesel Oil catch can for intercooler system $149.00
fuel_hydrometer_sealed Fuel Hydrometer to measure Cetane or Octane of Fuel $99.99
GM 6.5L turbo diesel intercooler kit Intercooler kit for Rear Turbo GM 6.5 L Turbo Diesels $1,999.00
GM_V8_and_V6_dual_alt_plate_for_gas_engine GM V8 and V6 dual alternator plate for Gas Engine $179.00