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The only way to create an account here is to BUY SOMETHING.  Purchasing something will automatically create a user and free seller account for you from your shipping details.
If you try to manipulate the browser bar to take you to a "User Registration" page it will not work to register you; and it WILL put you in the logs where especially IP's not in the United States - or friendly countries - which have stiff hacker laws - or honor US anti-hacker laws - may likely get the ENTIRE SUBNET you are on BANNED in a permanent firewall drop list - that deliver a "network unreachable" message from here on to you
Our focus is energy use products and some health related "amputee" items; and the "cheapest thing we sell is our gashole video - which you can purchase from this page for $2.95 - plus which ever shipping method you chose.  It is CD - not a DVD.
There is a more extensive write up of it at =>  You will find It is very interesting.
Such a purchase will open you an account an get you basic seller rights with a web store where you can list up to 5 items for sale and opens you an affiliate account as well where if you refer people to products on our site you are paid - the amount depending on the item.  You will need to fill out completely the checkout form including the business name and type you wish to use.  READ the terms of service carefully which you will be required to agree to at the checkout



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Price: $2.95
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