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Enroll in Law School and become a Lawyer - about 12K !!

Law School is thought to be huge money - but you can become a Lawyer for about $12,000 - not including books and Bar Exams required - about $800 each exam - two required.


So you need publishing, or specialty printing?

We can publish a book for you with an ISBN or print documents like briefs for the U.S. Supreme Court. Becoming a Lawyer is not hard; but you must write it - we print it in the FORMAT needed. WE WILL NOT write them and do not assist with legal matters, but PRINT ONLY legal documents. We can send them via email PDF's for you to print or file, or we can print for you and serve them. Try eBay Sniper


The Movie "Margin Call" pulls back the curtain on Wall Street

If you have not seen the Movie "Margin Call"; you should.
Margin Call parallels the real life collapse of "Bear Stearns" a once major and reckless money making Wall Street firm.


One Microsoft Way - A Cookbook to Breaking the Windows Monopoly Without Breaking Windows - Thirteen years later

It has been about thirteen years since we published "One Microsoft Way - A Cookbook to Breaking the Windows Monopoly Without Breaking Windows"; we, nor the author, made any money on it, but it set off a firestorm in the computer and legal community.

The author was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, and his name appeared in the paper. It was a top best seller on Amazon for a few short weeks - it sold out of the limited quantity we printed - and then we did not do another press run.


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