Dual alternator plate for GM V-8 and V-6 engines with this drivers side air conditioner mount serpentine belt.  Found on most serpentine belt 6.5 GM Diesels.  Check your engine to see if you have the engine lift ring as shown in the upper right (rear) of the picture and the two tapped holes.  PLATE ONLY -  (the black part in the front of the upper picture) you will need to source the idler pulley and other parts - a bone yard will do fine for the pulley and spare alternator often.  A CS-144 alternator will also fit with the same mounting holes.   GM wiring schematic diagram  and parts list is included - including recommended belt size.  No alternator mount hole spacers welded on - washers supplied injstead.  This is considered a custom order item and is not returnable.


You need dual alternators to run any decent sized Hydrogen Generator system and the pump required to feed it at idle as a single alternator will not put out enough amps - even a high amp one