This is a Supercharger adapter kit and an Eaton M-90  Supercharger for a GM Small Block.  It will fit also any Chevy small block with 1996 to 2002 Vortec Heads and intake manifold.

You will need 10 inches from the flat of the aluminum intake to the bottom of the under hood clearance - in essence about two more inches than stock with the throttle body air cleaner right angle hat on.

It was designed by HCNGPLACE.COM to allow use of CNG or Hydrogen either bi-fueled or straight use sequentially fuel injected with the GM system.  (The bi-fueling or CNG or Hydrogen system is NOT included - only the holes are tapped (and plugged) there to accept it. 

You remove the plastic upper half of the manifold, and replace it with this adapter and the supercharger.  You will need to replace and re-plumb the injector fuel lines.  They are basically standard poly tubing - also called "ice-maker tubing" - available at any hardware store.  If you are not comfortable with that you can use metal tubing of your choice.  The feed and return fuel lines also need to be re-plumbed to the passenger side.  You bolt this on - and replace all the EGR stuff right where it was, buy a new belt, and idler pulley, as well as extend the intake air hose to the rear (bone yard pieces can work for a suitable donor vehicle) and that is it !!!

This is not made for a racing or hard pounding  application - because the GM bolt hold holes would need to be DOUBLED to hold the unit tight enough.  You can do that yourself if you like by stuffing the intakes with rags - and drilling and tapping extra holes in the intake.  You then vacuum the chips and tapping debris clean and use the extra holes also.  Countersunk locating holes are in the supercharger mounting plate for where the drill and the instructions tell you the inexpensive tools to buy.  You do not need to remove it from the vehicle to do this if you are skilled and careful.

If you are in a pollution control state where they may inspect the vehicle, you can return to stock in a few hours.

The Supercharger is an Eaton M-90 re manufactured with a NEW Coupler installed (the thing that fails and caused the noise most times)  - no oil installed - bearings and rotors fine.  this is favorite to supercharge Small Blocks by changing the pulley to a smaller one to push more boost.  Stock photos of similar installations and parts.

2 week lead time for us to prepare the correct front idler plate for your application AFTER you provide us photos of what you have.  If we do not hear from you the plate will be based on a passenger side alternator with A/C on the drivers side.  There are no refunds.


*  Intake adapter mount for supercharger
*  EATON M-90 Suerpcharger with smaller pulley
*  Throttle body adapter plate for the  M-90 
*  Bolts to mount (and the extra ones also)
*  A front plate for the idler- depending one which vehicle you tell us you have (left or right alternator)


BELT, Idler Pulley,fuel injector tubing and line extension plumbing, air intake extension intakes

SIMILAR SETUPS SELL for around $6,000 most other places

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    1996–2002 GM based 5.7 and 5.0 Vortec engines - or those wearing the heads and intake of one

You need dual alternators to run any decent sized Hydrogen Generator system and the pump required to feed it at idle as a single alternator will not put out enough amps - even a high amp one

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